Feb 15, 2017 01 30 PM MST
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Feb 15, 2017 - Social Media for Employers

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Feb 15, 2017 - Social Media for Employers

Speaker: Joyce Mitchell, Partner – McLennan Ross LLP

Session Description: Social Media for Employers
This session will discuss the nature of social media in the workplace and will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social media use. Joyce will conduct an overview of a number of popular social media platforms, the misuse of social media platforms, and do a basic review of how social media and intellectual property laws intersect. She will also present on employment issues related to social media such as employer sanctioned vs. employee personal postings, the risks of identifying employers in employee personal postings, the risks of giving employees control over employer “owned” domains and how to handle situations where an employee has harmed the employer’s reputation or used social media to harass or bully coworkers. Furthermore, Joyce will discuss the importance of social media policies and the areas they should address.     

Speaker Biography: Joyce has an extensive background representing management-side clients on a wide range of labour and employment matters including defense of wrongful dismissal claims, collective bargaining, collective agreement administration, disability management and duty to accommodate issues.  She also assists clients in the development and implementation of employment, harassment, whistleblower and discipline policies. Joyce conducts harassment investigations on behalf of clients as well as acting as an independent investigator.
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